The Brother's Katch

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Buying Clubs


September 19th 10 am to noon and 20th 10 am to 12 noon and again September 26th at 10 am to noon and 27th 10 am to noon.

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North Haven

October 17th at 9 am until 11 weather permitting we are coming by sea you will find us in a lime green 22 webber cove lobsterboat named the Amazing Grace down at the ferry landing boat dock. otherwise we will be there in a Black GMC truck in the same area.

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Isle la Haut

September 6th, 9 am till 10 am town pier. We are coming by sea you will find us in a lime green 22 webber cove lobsterboat named the Amazing Grace

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October 4th, 9 am till 10:45 am, downtown in the parking lot at the town pier/launch ramp and again Wednesday Oct 28 3:30 till 5:30 pm

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Greeley, high school front parking lot. Oct 9, 3:00 pm Write to thebrotherskatch@gmail .com for orders


Friday Oct 9th

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Gather together 5 people in your town and we will come sell fish in your town.


20 lb Box Boneless vacuum packed Fillet

  • 13$/lb

20 lb box boneless vacuum packed portions

  • 14$/lb


  • 14$/lb

10 lb box Boneless vacuum packed portions

  • 15$/lb

Meet The Brother's And Daughter's

Ross and Amanda Trainor

dad/fisherman mom/teacher

Loves his kids, loves his job, and loves selling fish to those who want it.


box deliverer

When william was in aslaka he learned how to steer the boat his second day


business card deliverer

7 years old, has been to Alaska once. Haven loves the bears and the seals


sticker deliverer

Wynn is going to alsaka for the first time next summer


fish deliverer

Wyatt loves boats and we will be going to Alaska next summer


quality control/check receiver


around helper

Our fishing boat is named after Aly

Bristol Bay

As commercial fishermen and fishing industry leaders, we all share responsibility in standing up for Bristol Bay and advocating for proper salmon habitat protections. Our jobs, economy, and fishing legacy depend on it.
Wrong mine, wrong place.
At the headwaters of Bristol Bay lies a massive low-grade sulfide ore body, known as the Pebble deposit. The Pebble Limited Partnership is pushing to develop the deposit and build the Pebble Mine .

visit and for more on whats going on   

Check out our trade organizations website  for way more information about the fish, the bay and the fishery.




  •  1/24/2020 07:00 PM
  •   Sheepscott general store
  •  9/28/2019 10:00 AM
  •   Uncle Dean's Natural Market Parking Lot

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